What is a poker mining?

What is a poker mining?

Poker mining is a process of collecting and analyzing other players’ stats. This info provides an advantage over other players in the long run, since it shows how often the specific player takes specific actions in certain phases of the game, which makes it easier to predict the opponent’s moves and increases your winrate. 

While most poker rooms forbid the usage of poker miners while in-game, you can safely mine all the necessary data when you’re not actually playing the game.

A poker miner is a useful tool for those players looking to increase their winrate in the long term. It allows you to play higher limits without the fear of facing unknown opponents. Studying your opponents’ actions and mistakes will grant you the edge over them, significantly increasing your chances for victory. But it’s important to keep in mind that your data can also be mined and used against you.

Traits of a good poker miner

A decent poker miner should provide the following:

Daily updates.

The ability to refresh stats in online mode.

Mining data from both cash games and professional poker rooms (to better study the actions of professional players and improve your skills)

The minimal amount of delays, since you’ll often need to get the info as soon as possible.

One of the most popular poker mining services is HHMailer. It provides mining for popular poker rooms such as PokerStars or IPoker. The data on low-limit games is actually provided for free, which can be of use for beginners.


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