What is the call in poker?

What is the call in poker?

A call is a poker term, referring to a specific type of bet. A call is a way of “answering” the opponent’s bet or raise with an equal amount of chips. So basically, the call always equals the previous bet. 

The use of call 

End of the betting round: if you have the last say or none of the opponents have raised the bet. It means that all bets are now equal and now another card is dealt or the cards are revealed in a showdown.

Opponents’ raise: if you don’t have the last say, it is highly likely that your opponents will raise their bets. In this case, you have to call, making your bet equal to that of your opponents. 

The initial bet remains: in this case, all players make their bet equal to the blind, and none of them makes the raise during this round. 

Variations of a call

Cold call: on preflop the first player is making a bet, the second player raises it, and the third player makes a call. This move is great if you have a strong hand. 

Snap call: an instant call to an opponent’s bet. A signature move of experienced players who calculate opponents’ actions, but also can be a sign of a new player, who is yet to learn what hands to play and when to fold. 

Flat call: calling a bet when raising it would have been an optimal move. Often viewed as a type of slow-play.

Sometimes call is viewed as a type of passive play, signifying the weak cards in your hand. This cant bait your opponents into thinking they have better cards and continue playing. This strategy is a typical bluff.


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