Poker Psychology

Poker Psychology

You have probably seen various scenes about poker in many popular movies. The heroes cautiously look at each other, trying to understand each other’s intentions and guess what cards they have in their hands. Unexpectedly for everyone, an outsider who has lost most of his games and is desperate to win his cash back raises his stakes. Is he bluffing? Or does he really have a winning combination in his hands? It is all about psychology, and there is no denying that knowledge about people’s minds can help you win any poker game.

The main key to that knowledge is people’s facial expressions. Some players can hide their emotions effectively, but even the absence of emotion is also a small tip. But remember that you are not the only one watching others, they are watching you too. Studies suggest that people make most of their decisions in poker after judging the facial expressions of their opponents. Here is when bluffing comes in handy – show your grief while having a perfect combination or be too happy about almost losing your stake. Try to look “trustworthy” so fewer opponents would assume you are bluffing, and never believe in what you see when you look at other people’s faces. Psychology is what makes poker not just another gambling card game, but a game of minds full of tactics and strategies. 

The last tip – don’t take it too seriously during home games! Knowledge of psychology can be effective, but it also totally demolishes the lighthearted atmosphere of a fun poker time with friends.


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