Rakeback in poker

Rakeback in poker

The poker site will charge you a rake after you deposit real money and begin playing poker. When playing for real money, for instance, each participant will be required to pay a fixed fee every pot to the poker facility. The size of the rake is determined by the number of participants and the style of poker being played. In online poker rooms, the rake is the admission charge. It’s possible that the rake for a $55 buy-in event will be $5.

The question is, what exactly is a rakeback? Rakeback refers to the percentage of the rake that is returned to you after each hand. Some online poker venues will give you 30–40% of the rake you’ve paid in a given week back into your account. As a promotional tool, rakeback helps make online poker rooms more attractive to players by offering more favorable conditions than their rivals. You should also be aware that the vast majority of online poker sites use rakeback services provided by a third party. The largest poker sites, however, prefer to handle rakeback payments in-house and don’t work with other companies.


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