Alan Keating takes down the biggest live poker pot ever played in the United States, winning $1.2 million on Hustler Casino Live

Alan Keating takes down the biggest live poker pot…

This is what high stakes cash game player Alan Keating said after winning a $1.2 million pot on last night’s episode of Hustler Casino Live.

An external inquiry found “no indication of misconduct” in the iconic Jack-Four hand, and the weed was smoked only two weeks after the fake nude breasts fiasco on an episode of “Max Pain Monday.”

While holding a flush on the river, Keating called a push from Handz to win the staggering sum, which may go down as the highest pot ever won on a poker live broadcast.

Review at-hand
On the button with a-Spades-7-Hearts in a $200/$400/$800/$1,600 No-Limit Hold’em cash game, Handz bet $9,000. Ben Lee, in the small blind, called with 8 clubs and 5 clubs; Eric Persson, in the straddles, called with a diamond and a heart; and Alan Keating, in the straddles, called with a king and a two spades.

When Handz checked the flop of 10 Spades, 6 Spades, and 5 Diamonds, he was met with a continuation bet of $25,000. This bet brought the pot total to $37,200. In this case, Keating was the only one who called.

After the turn card of the 4 of diamonds, Keating check-called $70,000, and they continued playing heads-up until the river card of the 7 of spades.

Keating, with $227,000 already in the pot, bet $155,000, and Handz pushed, putting Keating all in.

After Keating tanked for nearly two minutes with $309,000 behind, he called with a flush and won the pot against Handz’s rivered pair and nut-flush blocker for $700,000.

Says Keating, “I Just Got It In.”
The question arises, “Would I fold if my flush was less strong?” Okay, I just got it in, but

Keating expressed sympathy for Handz during an interview after the hand on Hustler Casino Live.

His ace thrust is fantastic, he said. It’s a bold step, and you have my admiration for doing it.

Should I fold if my flush is less than a full house? But, yep, I just received it in the mail.

Keating added that he believed it would be interesting if Handz shoved after betting on the river.

Then when he did I thought, “Ok well, maybe I should have thought about it further!” I’m not going to pretend like I had a genius mind when I had a king-high flush; simply call.

Response to the Hand
After the hand, several people on Twitter referred to Keating as a “legend” of the poker world.

In response, fellow cash game player Andy Stacks tweeted, “many poker players are now going to have second thoughts before attempting that naked ace bluff push.”

Keating himself warned players with similar language, comparing them to bugs on a windshield.

One Twitter fan, @SteveLeoni, said he “couldn’t believe” what he was seeing and termed the LA feeds “the BOMB!” Another, @ChrisSlickPoker, said it was a “easy decision” for Keating but acknowledged that Hands had heart for his push.



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