Benny Glaser wins €5,000 high roller tournament at Luxon for €106,980

Benny Glaser wins €5,000 high roller tournament at Luxon…

As part of the PokerStars and PaddyPower-sponsored 2023 Irish Open, the Luxon Pay €5,000 High Roller tournament took held at the Royal Society Dublin.

With 84 participants, the total prize pool is at €389,025. Benny Glaser came out on top, taking home the trophy and €106,980 in prize money.

Even though there were still a few tables left, Glaser’s average stack made it seem like he was going to be eliminated quickly. After losing more than half his stack, he doubled up and eliminated multiple opponents to win the pot.

Heads-up play between Glaser and Roberto Romanello resulted in a one-hand victory for Glaser. The game came down to a straightforward push and call, and Glaser’s king-ten held up. Despite his efforts, Romanello finished second and won the €76,055 consolation prize.

Waheed Ashraf, who led the chip count for the most of the tournament’s final stages, came in third place and won €49,795. Arto Mansner placed sixth, while Michael Wilklow placed fourth.

Luxon Pays €5,000 to the High Roller Winner of the Final Table

1Benny GlaserUnited Kingdom€106,980
2Roberto RomanelloUnited Kingdom€76,055
3Waheed AshrafUnited Kingdom€49,795
4Michael WilklowUnited States€38,320
5Arto MansnerFinland€30,345
6Paul HoferGermany€23,730
7Blake VogdesUSA€18,675
8Mounir TajiouSweden€14,590
9Ewen TrevidyFrance€11,085

The Fall and Rise of Glaser

Glaser started the day with an average stack after doubling up via Ian Drake with a straight early in the day. At this time, players were going bankrupt left, right, and center while Glaser kept on rising.

Yet Glaser’s rise almost ended before it began because he became broke before he cashed in. He doubled up on the river and eliminated the competition only seconds before Toby Joyce busted out on the bubble.

Glaser quadrupled his money again, only to lose a massive pot to Mansner and maybe lose the game.

After Glaser got it to the final table, though, the odds against him increased dramatically. That was the first time he seemed to be in legitimate championship contention when he struck a flush to double up against Mansner.

Next, with pocket aces, Glaser eliminated Wilklow in fifth place and Ashraf in third. From that point on, Glaser and Romanello played against each other.

Heads-up One-Handedly Over
This is Roberto Romanello.
When it came down to heads-up play, Roberto Romanello Glaser had a commanding chip advantage over Romanello, who was down to roughly 20 large blinds. Even yet, no one was ready for what happened next.

Heads-up play began with Romanello making the opening push from the button with a suited queen-five, and Glaser making the call with a king-ten. He held firm, and the match ended instantly. Glaser took home the gold medal, the trophy, and the top honors.



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