Poker Badugi: rules and combinations

Poker Badugi: rules and combinations

Badugi is one of many poker variants that offers a unique approach to the classic card game. The main task in Badugi is to get to the end with the lowest possible four-card combination in your hand. This variant is a lowball triple draw game. It means that when the cards are dealt, each player has three chances to get rid of a necessary number of cards they have, and after that draw new cards to get the chance to obtain the best possible hand. 

Badugi poker is considered to be firstly invented in Korea. This is how it gets its name. Word “Baduk” can be roughly translated from the Korean language as “black and white pattern”. This game is extremely popular in the asian region, and can be found in almost every big  online casino and live poker rooms. Some real live tournaments are even held each year, which is a rarity for non-classic poker variants. 

Being the lowball game, you will get victory only if you get the lowest possible combination among your opponents. Yet, Badugi poker uses traditional poker hand rankings, so it means that you don’t need to learn something totally new to play this game. The best possible combination for victory is 4 Aces of 4 different suits. 


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