Card Squeeze is a unique feature available just at WSOP Ontario

Card Squeeze is a unique feature available just at…

One of the most cutting-edge online poker platforms, the WSOP Ontario app is packed with features that enhance the poker-playing experience and make it more enjoyable for players.

The Card Squeeze function is an excellent example of the latter, since it offers nothing to facilitate your play or provide you a strategic advantage over your opponents. Instead, it enhances the gaming experience by mimicking the action of a real-life poker game.

Because the ability to squeeze your cards in online poker is relatively new, let’s take a look at how it works and what you can do with it on premium poker sites like WSOP Ontario.

Instructions for Playing Card Squeeze at the World Series of Poker, Ontario
Card Squeeze requires activation in the WSOP Ontario poker app’s ‘Settings’ before it can be used.

When this option is selected, your hole cards at all tables will be dealt face down, and you may gently squeeze them by exerting pressure with your mouse or touchscreen.

The cards may be squeezed as quickly or as slowly as the player wishes; the deck will still be folded in the allotted time if the player does nothing.

Moreover, a green ‘Open’ button will be accessible in every hand, enabling you to see your cards as if the Squeeze option had been disabled.

You won’t become a stronger poker player by squeezing your hole cards, but it will make the game more exciting and interesting, particularly in the latter rounds of tournaments when the blinds are high and every hand counts.

Compressing the Card Deck
Squeezing all the best cards in crucial all-in scenarios is possible in both cash games and tournaments at WSOP ON.

After getting all your chips in on the flop and being forced to display your hand in a crucial situation, the program will always provide you the option to squeeze the turn and river, no matter how strong or weak your hand is.

You’ll be handed a hand of cards face down, and you may either give them a leisurely squeeze or flip them over quickly to learn your destiny.

Cash game pots larger than 100 big blinds are the only ones in which you can squeeze board cards, but every tournament all-in gives you this chance.

If squeezing your hole cards was exciting for you, then seeing the river card that sends you home or gives you the lead in chips is sure to be a blast.

Come Have Some Fun at the WSOP Ontario
Card Squeeze is a cutting-edge game mode that was recently introduced to the WSOP Ontario software. Not only is this a feature not seen elsewhere, but early registrants to tournaments also benefit from the software’s bubble protection.

All you have to do to join the operator and have access to these and the top cash games and tournaments in Ontario is to be an in-state resident.

Create a free player account and play online poker at one of the top Ontario poker sites right from your computer.



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